For more than 40 years, the passionate team of Robert Alexis caterer has been on the lookout for new culinary trends and everything related to the art of the table.

Alexis Arslanian General Manager, Research & Developpement
Robert Arslanian President and founder

From our kitchen to the venue, the passion and dedication of each of its members are the guarantees of the quality that makes the reputation of Robert Alexis traiteur.

Alexis Arslanian General Manager
Aurélie Arslanian Operations Manager
Philippe Buelens Executive Chef
Manon Poissant Event coordinator, larger events and weddings
Anne Rousseau Event coordinator, larger events and conventions
Véronique L’Écuyer Event coordinator, larger events and weddings
Leila Arslanian Creative Director
Nancy Senécal Logistics manager
Patrick Chardon Sous-chef, business lunches and breakfasts
Cindy Lim Event coordinator, business lunches and breakfasts
Amélie Watelle Event coordinator, cocktails
Nathalie Léonard Advisory and accounting
Antoine Godbout Cook, banquet and meal production
Nana Chérubin Cook, business lunches and breakfasts
Tamami Hirano Chef de partie, cocktail and bouchées
Lasamy Chittavong Cook, cocktail and bouchées
Suraphong Thonglee Cook, cocktail and bouchées
Pajaree Na Thalang Cook, cocktail and bouchées
Premchit Mir Cook, cocktail and bouchées
Richard Côté Logistics and handling
Myriam Rochet Logistics and handling
Tommy Lalonde Logistics and handling