The gluten-free bread lunch

French chefs are known for their loyalty to tradition. But maybe it’s time to add a modern twist to the classics! Here’s how to make a delicious lunch sans baguettes and pastries. More and more local companies, like Baked2Go, are jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon, making it easier than ever to replace baguettes with gluten-free bread rolls (which you can conveniently store in the freezer at home). 

Got a penchant for pastries? Macarons and Financiers (small French almond cakes) are generally gluten-free. And a bunch of bakeries now offer gluten-free options that taste just as delicious as their wheat counterparts. Only got sliced gluten-free bread in your pantry? Try drizzling a slice with olive oil and grilling it in the oven, ready to serve with your favourite cold cuts, cheeses and grilled veggies. Trust us, it makes all the difference! 


Duck rillettes with caramelized onion served on quinoa croutons 

Pannequet of grilled zucchini, arugula and Parmesan shavings 

Corn tortilla with hummus, smoked paprika and pepperonata 

Duck confit served on a rice pancake with sweet potato 

Cannelés de bordeaux with almond powder 

The Italian gluten-free lunch

Pizza and pasta… two small words that can induce panic in gluten intolerants everywhere, and cause a major headache for event planners! 


Zucchini linguine with pesto, chicken and cherry tomatoes (to avoid the usual wheat-based pasta) 

Eggplant pizza with veal meatballs on a coconut flour crust

Grilled veggie skewers with aged balsamic

The Celiac Foundation also has this buckwheat Panini recipe that’s quick and easy to prepare, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time collecting compliments! 

The gluten-free infusion lunch

Fusion dishes combine two kinds of cuisine, so you can broaden your culinary horizons and experience the best of both worlds.


Spring roll with duck from the Eastern Townships

Maki sushi with sundried tomato and mint

Piri-piri Quebec pork 

Chicken tagine from Ferme Les Voltigeurs aux Olives 

Tandoori shrimp tacos  

Maple syrup tapioca 

See? You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the best of international cuisine!

The gluten-free ancient grain lunch

The growing surge in gluten intolerance over the past few years has given us the chance to look beyond wheat and rediscover the richness and variety of other grains that grow in the earth. With original flavours and textures, here are some healthy and energizing dishes that promise to be a hit: Lamb and hulless oat ragout Millet, celery and Granny Smith salad Roasted chicken strips served with quinoa and Halloumi Salmon marinated in yogurt, roasted fennel and corn couscous Quinoa pilaf with almonds 

And for dessert… Orange Amaranth cake Nutritionist Hubert Cormier also suggests trying sorghum, a grain with African origins and endless possibilities. Surprising, versatile and healthy, it’s packed with nutrients and a whole new world of flavour. 

With winning recipes like these, you won’t have to worry about your colleagues having to work harder to digest than on their to-do lists!