Storing spices

Here are some tips to extend their longevity: 

Keep them in the dark, light is the enemy of spices, it speeds up the aging process by oxidizing it. It is therefore advisable to keep them in the pantry, in a drawer or even in a spice box. Spices also fear humidity, so keep them away from cooking fumes, so never in a cupboard above the stove!


Did you know that the iron found in paprika allows oxygen to travel through the body?

If combined with other sources of iron (meat, spinach) it will help regulate hemoglobin levels in the blood. Paprika also contains potassium which promotes the contraction of heart muscles. There are mainly two types of paprikas; the one from Hungary which is made from the fruits of the plant and the royal paprika which is made from the seeds, stems and fruits of the plant.  

Paprika can taste acrid if cooked too long. To avoid this and to keep its sweet and slightly bitter taste, add it at the end of cooking and avoid cooking it on too high a heat.


Did you know that saffron is a spice extracted from a flower?

It comes indeed from the three red filaments which are in the center of the flower of the name of Crocus sativus. The filaments are removed by hand and then dried in the sun or over a wood fire. The quality of saffron greatly depends on the drying technique, so this step is very important. These peculiarities make saffron a rather difficult spice to cultivate. Its price is therefore very high, which is among other things why it is nicknamed red gold.

Saffron can be stored for several years if kept away from light and humidity. All it takes is a pinch of saffron to color and flavor dishes. To evenly distribute the color and flavor of this spice, we recommend soaking it in a little hot water or broth before using it.

The story of tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is a specialty of India and Pakistan. The poultry is marinated for a long time in yogurt flavored with many spices. It is one of the most famous Indian dishes in the world, contrary to popular belief, it is not a national dish but a recipe invented by a restaurateur in North India during the 1920s. The Moti Mahal restaurant is said to have been the first to cook chicken in a tandoor, an oven traditionally used as a village bread oven. In the absence of having the traditional oven for cooking, we can find the taste of the grilled thanks to cooking on the barbecue!