Dose up on vitamin D, your winter source of sunshine

From gummies and cod liver oil capsules to chewable Flinstone characters, there are a bunch of creative ways to get your dose of vitamin D! But did you know you can skip the supplements and get the same benefits by eating the right foods? Just ask the Pharmachien

Where to find your vitamin D fix at breakfast

It’s known as the sunshine vitamin not because it makes the sun rise earlier (although that would be nice), but because it mimics the positive effects of the sun shining on our skin. When the days are short on rays during the cold winter months, reach for the right foods to get your daily dose of sunshine. Salmon, egg yolks, yogurt and cheese are great sources of vitamin D, so a breakfast of blinis, poached eggs, smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce is a great choice. Nutritious and delicious, this breakfast recipe will help replenish your body with a much-needed dose of vitamin D. 

Give your body a boost with antioxidants

Winter takes a major toll on our bodies, from waking up extra early to defrost the car and drag the kids out of bed to loading up on creams and lotions to hydrate parched skin. All of these things create the perfect breeding ground for free radicals, harmful substances that are produced by the oxygen we breathe. Enter antioxidants… the miracle workers designed to stop free radicals in their tracks! 

Where to find your antioxidant fix at breakfast

Red wine is loaded with antioxidants but you may want to wait till dinnertime! To get your antioxidant fix before 5 p.m., load up on berries, oranges, kiwis, mangos, spinach, tomatoes and whole grains. Since zucchinis and bananas can’t tell us about their antioxidant powers themselves (at least not in a language we can understand!), check out the Medical News Today guide to the best foods to boost your antioxidant levels and leave free radicals in the dust.

I’ll take a breakfast muffin with a side of antioxidants, please!

You can store it in your fridge or freezer, pop it in your backpack, eat it on your commute to work and prepare it in a snap. A healthy breakfast muffin is your best friend on busy mornings. And because you can make it sweet or savoury and add any ingredients you like, it’s easy to add in nutritious antioxidants. From blueberries, raspberries and cranberries to beets, asparagus and broccoli, there are a bunch of ways to make your healthy breakfast muffin your own. And if you’re feeling adventurous, the health-conscious website Walkerland recommends eating cocoa, cloves and thyme to eliminate free radicals (although you may not want to mix them all in one muffin!). 

Start your morning with matcha

Matcha is a variety of tea that comes in powder form and is used in traditional tea ceremonies in Japan. Versatile and tasty, it gives a nutritious kick to smoothies, lattes, yogurt bowls and cookies, all while adding a pretty green shade that makes you feel extra healthy. Beyond tasting great, this superfood is a powerful antioxidant, a slow-release stimulant and a natural remedy for headaches, as well as having great anti-aging properties. Its sweet velvety taste with perfectly balanced bitterness will leave you hooked … and give you a great reason to wake up on those cold February mornings! 

Fuel your body and curb your hunger with protein

Wave goodbye to rumbling tummies at your 11 a.m. meeting! Protein fills you up for hours and strengthens your defense system, making it the perfect choice for breakfast. 

Where to find your protein fix at breakfast

Most lunch and dinner menus include a healthy portion of protein, but many of us skip this all-important nutrient when it comes to breakfast. Try starting your day with a protein-rich breakfast and you’ll feel full and energized all morning. Seeds and nuts, dairy products like eggs and Greek yogurt, cheddar and cottage cheese, and meats like cretons and ham are all great sources of protein, so be sure to add at least one of these ingredients to your breakfast. For more inspiration, check out these healthy, high-protein recipes from Food Network Canada

A catered lunch at the office: more protein, less pastry!

As tasty as they may be, pastries for breakfast aren’t exactly a healthy choice. Loaded with calories, they do little for your energy levels and won’t keep your hunger curbed till dinnertime. Trade in the traditional pastry platter at your morning meeting for original, hearty and nutritious plates.

At Robert Alexis, gratin dauphinois with Ile-aux-Grues cheddar, bone-in ham and asparagus shavings is just one of many protein-rich plates that will keep the whole team energized and happy all morning. Bring on the brainstorming! And there you have it … the top tips you need to tide you over till spring! Vitamin D, antioxidants and proteins are the perfect trio to start every winter day right. And when 5 p.m. rolls around, continue your fight against free radicals by cracking open a bottle of Château Cambon. Cheers! 

Simple recipe for thick and fluffy pancakes

The secret to thick, fluffy pancakes? Buttermilk! Enjoy this simple recipe for perfectly delicious pancakes.

— 2 cups flour
— ¼ cup sugar
— 2 tsp baking powder
— 1 tsp baking soda
— ½ tsp salt
— 2 cups buttermilk
— 2 eggs
— Dash vanilla extract.

First, combine the dry ingredients and set aside. Then, beat the eggs and buttermilk until blended. Continue mixing as you add the dry ingredients. The batter may have a few lumps. Pour 1/3 cup of batter into a hot pan over medium-high heat. When bubbles start to form, after about 2-3 minutes, flip the pancakes. Serve with maple syrup, jam or even Nutella. Bon appétit !