Think outside the box

Throwing a party for the office? It’s time to think outside the box! Choose an unexpected theme and venue that will give your co-workers something to talk about all year.

Pick a venue with personality

Just because you’re throwing an office party, doesn’t mean you have to stay at the office! Montréal has a bunch of venue options to turn your soirée up a notch—le Taz skatepark, the Museum of Fine Arts, a private room at the Bell Centre, a church downtown, an old bank, the Botanical Gardens or anywhere else that inspires you! Go for an unexpected place that has some personality, which you can decorate and make your own. Left your planning till the last minute? Try booking for January or February when there’ll be more options and availability.

Think of a fun theme

Who doesn’t love a good theme party? If you have a few colleagues who have a hard time letting loose, help get them in the party mood by coming up with a fun theme. From Murder Mystery games to fresh spins on the vintage carnival, use your imagination! And when in doubt, you can always enlist the help of Montreal-based event planners Ness, who can suggest some fun and original themes to get your party started.

Don’t forget about the food!

Bunny Hop and Limbo contests are all well and good, but your guests will need something to eat if they’re going to keep their energy up! If there’s one thing you should never skimp on, it’s the food. Treat your colleagues to an original gourmet menu they won’t forget.

Potlucks are so 2018!

You’ve tried them in the past but let’s be honest, potlucks don’t exactly produce memorable food. Remember overdosing on too many chocolate truffles last year when your team missed the memo on who’s bringing what? And trying to figure out which tupperware container belongs to who will bring on an even bigger headache than your colleague’s crazy punch. Save yourself the stress and call on a caterer to create your menu. Wave goodbye to hours of menu planning, piles of dishes and disappointed faces, and say hello to handy hot plates, winning recipes and happy guests. When it comes to whipping up an impressive holiday feast, a professional caterer is your secret weapon. Opt for a personalized menu that takes into account the different food restrictions in your group as well as the venue (table service, cocktails, buffet, etc.). At Robert Alexis, no matter which venue you choose or however outrageous the theme (Harry Potter fans, we’re looking at you!), our team will create a thoughtful, well-planned menu that works for you.

Karaoke and other fun group themes

What could be more fun than watching the accounts team bust out their best rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody? Everybody loves a good karaoke session … and the office party is the perfect excuse! From David Bowie and Beyoncé to everyone’s favourite nineties throwbacks, get inspired with this 50 Best Karaoke Songs Ever list by Time Out.

Think beyond the photo booth

Getting tired of the same old glittery hats, fake moustaches and oversized glasses that seem to pop up at every party these days? Consider switching up the cliché photo booth for a more creative and interactive option! Put disposable cameras around the room to give your co-workers a chance to put their photography skills to the test. The best part? Going through all the embarrassing moments caught on camera when you develop the pics a few weeks later!

Midnight snack, anyone?

As the clock strikes 12, your crowd may start to fade. Enter the buffet, the perfect half-time pick-me-up! Serve up some casual hearty eats and your co-workers will be moonwalking their way over to the table in no time, ready to refuel and get back to the dancefloor. Sadly, all good things must come to an end eventually. After you’ve filled your tummies, sang your hearts out and busted out your best barefoot dance moves, it’ll be time to head home. To make sure everyone gets to bed safely, call a taxi or Operation Red Nose car and send them on their way… preferably with a big bottle of water!