Tasted : Chanterelles from Quebec

Fall is not the end of beans, but the beginning of mushrooms! At Robert Alexis, we are particularly fond of the chanterelle, or chanterelle, a mushroom from the Cantharellaceae family. But let's avoid losing our Latin and let's just remember this: the chanterelle is as tasty as it is versatile and abundant. And what's more, it keeps!

The chanterelle is indeed abundant in Quebec, where it can be picked until October in mixed forests and spruce forests. Formed of a foot topped with a convex hat in the shape of an orange-yellow funnel, the chanterelle is quite cute. But beware: it looks just like the false chanterelle, whose taste is bland, or worse, the luminous clitocybe, which is toxic.

Firm, fleshy, peppery and slightly fruity, the chanterelle lends itself to all kinds of recipes. Grilled or pan-fried, it goes wonderfully well with chicken, veal and rabbit, as well as white-fleshed fish. In no time at all, she transforms a small ordinary dough or an ordinary omelet into a refined dish. According to some, it even has anti-cholesterol and anti-cancer properties! In short, we would be crazy to do without it.

If, like Robert Alexis, you have a bias for chanterelles, take advantage of their abundance to include them in all your fall recipes. And make the fun last! The chanterelles will keep for several months in the freezer…

How to freeze chanterelles at home

Clean the chanterelles by brushing them gently.

Sauté them in a small amount of oil with a little salt to release their water.

Let them cool on a perforated plate in the fridge to drain them well.

Put them in resealable bags taking care to eliminate as much air as possible and avoid compressing them.

Freeze them.

A real local product at our fingertips. Enjoy!